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In November 2015 I spent two weeks travelling around Uganda. My arrival and departure point was Entebbe, a large town situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, 37km southwest of the capital Kampala. Located close to the international airport, I wasn’t expecting to do much nature recording here. But to my surprise, the beautiful garden of our guesthouse was teaming with wildlife. There are a few periods of the day where flights arrive and depart, but outside of these hours the overall environment was pretty calm.

Being located so close to Lake Victoria meant our location was ideal to record local birds. The morning after we had arrived, I woke up before dawn and setup my mics in the middle of the garden. I ran a long cable back to the balcony of my room, sat back and recorded the magnificent dawn chorus.

This first recording was made at 5.30am. After a long day of travelling the previous day, it was so relaxing to sit and listen to this beautiful chorus. Thirty minutes later, the chorus had evolved somewhat with a pair of Hornbills that were nested in a large tree in the garden. We also begin to hear local cockerels and dogs who had also joined the soundscape.

At the end of my two week adventure, we returned to the same guesthouse for one last night before heading back home the next day. That night, I headed out into the garden again and sat quietly in the dark listening to a tree frog that was singing away. After a few minutes of listening, I decided to grab my rig and began recording. We also hear fruit bats that were positioned high up in a nearby tree as well as local some cats that were very vocal.

I was very surprised by the variety of sounds I encountered in Entebbe, as well as just how peaceful it was. The guesthouse turned out to be a fantastic place to stay with amazing food, friendly staff and fantastic garden home to some very interesting sounds.