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In the summer of 2018 myself and my family were invited to spend a couple of weeks with friends on the Greek island of Euboea (also known as Evia). It is the second largest island in Greece and only an hour’s drive from Athens airport. We were based in Amarynthos, a small coastal town facing the South Euboean Gulf.

As always, I made sure to take my recording gear but as I was traveling with my family there wasn’t much luggage space for extensive, bulky equipment. So I opted to take my portable rig that consists of a Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 with USB power bank, 2 DPA 4060s and a DIY stereo bar/tripod made from Joby Gorillapod components, all of which I pack in a compact Trakke Packing Cube. This trip to Greece proved the perfect testing ground for this setup.

The summer house we were staying in was perfectly located right next to a small beach, literally at the end of the garden. Due to the stifling heat one morning I woke up at around 5am and headed out into the garden as morning twilight began. I grabbed my recording gear and went for a stroll along the beach, stopping at a small jetty where calm waves were lapping all around. I setup my gear and enjoyed the peaceful, gentle soundscape. After a few minutes I decided to leave the recorder running and went for a swim in the sea from where I enjoyed watching the sun rise above the sea horizon. A truly magical moment!

About thirty minutes later the sun had fully risen and the temperature began to rise, with which the cicadas began singing. I walked further down the beach towards a group of trees and setup my recording rig in between two trees where the cicadas were singing. The soundscape was calm, with cicadas singing and gentle waves lapping on the shoreline.

Later that week I took an evening stroll further along the beach and found a lovely small creak with a beautiful view of the sunset. I wanted to record the gentle waves from a much more intimate perspective, so setup my mics very close to where the waves were breaking. When I listen back to this soundscape I feel like I’m actually swimming in the calm seas, with water lapping around my ears.

The last recording I made in Amarynthos was taken during another night time stroll along the beach. It was very calm, with no wind and no human activity. After walking for around twenty minutes I came across a few crickets that were singing in a small group of trees on the shoreline. I placed my recording equipment directly underneath one of the trees. As I did so, the cricket stopped singing, certainly due to my presence. So I hit record then continued my walk down the beach. When I came back to pick up my gear, I was happy that the crickets had begun singing again and I managed to capture this lovely soundscape.

I love Greece and really enjoyed my time in Euboea. The recordings I took all feature the sea as it was such an important part of my time in Amarynthos. This summer I will be returning to the same place and hope to collect some more interesting recordings whilst there.