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I was recently listening through my field recording archives and stumbled across this recording I made over ten years ago whilst traveling around South East Asia. I had forgotten all about this recording and hadn’t ever published it in the public domain until recently finding it again. It’s a simple soundscape recording taken at a lively street food market in downtown Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

I love the simplicity of this recording. It really captures a moment in time and immediately takes me back to that precise moment ten years ago. I remember the delicious smells and tastes, the humid heat, the bright colours and the bustling soundscape. It really was a local spot and we hear many families mixed in to the general walla. We can also hear the distant sizzling of food stands cooking up local delicacies. This recording reminds me of the power that a simple soundscape can have on memories that sometimes seem locked far away in our minds.

Photo Credit : IQRemix (Creative Commons)