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In July 2019 I spent a few days in Göppingen, southern Germany for a family wedding. I’ve been to the region a few times in the past and have always enjoyed my time there. It’s a very lush, green part of Germany and I always try to go for a walk through the forests.

This year we were staying at a beautiful guesthouse in the village of Bad Boll. The owners had converted an old station house into a homely bed n breakfast and the abandoned railway line ran alongside the old station, now overgrown with brambles, bushes and long grass.

We arrived back at the guesthouse in the early hours of the morning on a damp evening. Light rain was falling and crickets were singing gently. It was a soft summer soundscape that I couldn’t resist recording. So I ran up to my room and grabbed my portable recording gear. When I listen back to this soundscape I am instantly transported back to that moment, standing on the soft grass with gentle rain falling all around me.