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Located in Mandelieu La Napoule along the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur), the Château de la Napoule was built in the 14th century by the Countess of Villeneuve. Over the centuries the castle changed hands many times, including becoming a glass factory during the 19th century. In 1918, the castle was purchased by Americans, Henry Clews Jr. and Marie Clews, who restored it to its former beauty. Today the is owned by the La Napoule Art Foundation, which was founded in 1951 by Marie Clews, and now serves as a cultural centre.

One of the fascinating aspects of this castle is that it is built into the rocks on the sea front. A beautiful winding path, accessible to the public, takes you along the front of the castle itself, offering stunning views out to sea. I have often walked this path when I visit and have always enjoyed the sound of the waves lapping over the castle wall but I have never recorded the soundscape until Summer 2020. The following soundscape was recorded late at night when all the beachgoers had returned home.