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The beautiful roman-catholic church of Saint Ambroise is located in the heart of the 11th district in Eastern Paris. Built between 1863 and 1868, shortly after the construction of the new Boulevard du Prince-Eugène (later renamed Boulevard Voltaire) the church is arguably one of the most iconic in the 11th district. In 2018 a new urban park, the Jardin Truillot, was opened in an effort to increase biodiversity in the area and as a result now offers the public a beautiful perspective of the church from within the park.

I have lived in Paris for over ten years now and have always lived in the 11th district. The Saint Ambroise church has been a symbolic building that I have seen and heard throughout my time here. I would often hear the bells ringing out from my apartment on a Sunday morning before the church service. In an effort to record and archive soundscapes of places I am familiar with, I recently decided to record the church bells. It was a calm Sunday morning when I setup my recording equipment in the Jardin Truillot and hit record.

Photo courtesy of Jiel Beaumadier (Creative Commons)