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In the summer of 2020 I spent two weeks exploring the Lazio region of Italy. One of our day trips took us to Capodimonte, a small enchanting village overlooking Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Europe.

We parked our car about 1 kilometre away from the historic town centre and began walking along the beautiful promenade which follows the shores of the lake. It was a lovely walk as we passed expansive green areas and numerous black volcanic sand beaches.

As we drew nearer to the historic centre, perched on a steep headland, I noticed a marina with hundreds of sail boats. It was a breezy day and even though I was a couple of hundred metres away, I could already hear the rhythmic tinkling sounds of sail ropes and bells. The sound intrigued me to head into the marina, walked along one of the small pontoons and recorded this soundscape.

I really enjoy this busy soundscape which offers so many individual details, yet provides a rhythmic, hypnotic repetition at the same time.