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It was a balmy summer evening when I headed out with a friend to scout out his olive farm on the outskirts of Canino. He had told me that he sometimes hears Eurasian Scops Owls calling out, a bird I have heard many times but never been able to record. Knowing it would be pitch black where we were going, I prepared my recording gear before we left.

After a short drive we turned down a small indescrete dirt track and after ten minutes we pulled over and got out of the car. The location was perfect, no noise from traffic or airplanes, just the sound of crickets gently calling. We walked deep into the olive groves but sadly no Scops Owls were making themselves known. I was a little but disappointed but was still enjoying the peace and quiet. A little further along I discovered a gorgeous trickling brook with a small wooden bridge to cross. The gentle trickling water and soft insect chorus made a beautiful soundscape. I setup my mics on the small bridge, hit record and then left the equipment running as I found somewhere nearby to sit.

Whilst I was disappointed not to have encountered the elusive Scops Owl, I really enjoyed this mini adventure and absolutely love the soundscape I managed to record. Hopefully I will one day be able to record the soft calls of the Scops Owl.