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Little India in Penang is an ethnic Indian enclave in the heart of Georgetown, the capital of Penang. This small vibrant area is located within the centre of Penang’s Heritage Zone and concentrated around three main streets : Chulia Street, Queen Street and Market Street.

Little India is an important cultural area with the oldest Hindu temple in Penang, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, located here. It is also a business hub with many shops and businesses located throughout the district. The area is also famous for Malaysian Indian cuisine and attracts locals and tourists alike who come to sample wonderful dishes such as banana leaf rice, biryani, kurma and roti canai.

As soon as we arrived in Little India we immediately fell in love with the incredible atmosphere. It really is a multi-sensory experience of incredible smells, colourful visuals and rich soundscapes. After slowly wandering around the streets taking everything in, and having recorded a lovely sound walk, we headed to one of the local restaurants to grab some lunch. The place was busy with locals and as we waited for our order to arrive I recorded this soundscape.

Little India remains one of the most vibrant places I visited throughout my time in South-East Asia. I have vivid memories from meandering the streets and taking in the amazing scenes as well as tasting the delicious food, really something to experience.

Photo courtesy of Jutta M. Jenning (Creative Commons)