Quiet Parks International

Quiet Parks International (QPI) is a non-profit committed to saving quiet for the benefit of all life. QPI recognizes the immediate need for identifying and protecting endangered locations because quiet places are quickly becoming extinct. QPI is a social movement made of people across the world – from investors to volunteers – who believe in quiet. In my role as Representative France we are actively surveying locations in France, following Co Founder, Gordon Hempton’s, tested and proven methodology, with the hope of awarding a suitable location with a QPI Award.

Jaune Fabrique Promo

Jaune Fabrique is a young Parisian brand that design and manufacture smart acoustic lamps, combining in-depth product knowledge with electronic and digital design. Each lamp features a discreet speaker to play music or immersive atmospheres and via the app the lamp can be programmed as a gentle and creative alarm. World Sounds have partnered with Jaune Fabrique to offer users a unique acoustic voyage each morning. The first design, Alto, launched at the beginning of 2021 with the second design, Picolo, launching mid-2021.