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Following on with the world tour of markets, I thought I’d next feature my current local market at Bastille in Paris. Now we all know the French are passionate about their food and markets are very common in Paris. Pretty much every quartier (area) has at least one a week and the produce is usually of the highest quality. I’m a massive foodie, but a visit to the market is a part of life here even for those who don’t spend much time in cooking. The market at Bastille is renowned for it’s quality food and ambiance (quoted in the Lonely Planet as “arguably the best open-air market in Paris”) – lucky for me as I live very close to it. Open every Thursday and Sunday morning, I regularly head down there to stock up on fresh produce.

The first time I came to this market, I loved the atmosphere straight away. It has a very traditional feel, with the stall holders each announcing what they’re selling.

Over the years it’s become quite touristy (perhaps the Lonely Planet’s comments add to this), but there still remains a mix of tourists and locals doing their weekly shop. Despite being in Paris for quite some time now, and going to the market almost on a weekly basis, I’ve only ever recorded the soundscape once, way back when I first arrived in the city. I think I’ll head down there soon with my binaural mics and capture some of the sounds that way. But for now, here’s what I recorded back in 2011.

Photo credit : Rose Trinh