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Kampong Cham, capital of a region of the same name, is located in the South-East of Cambodia. It is an important transport hub, situated along the Mekong river and at an intersection of some of the country’s main road routes. The region is stunning and offers a slice of real Cambodian life to those who visit. A land of picturesque villages, fishing communites, rice fields and beautiful wats (temples), I loved this place in every way. In the centre of town there is a small daily market where you can find pretty much everything that you may need – food, clothes, household goods, tools etc. It’s the centre of all commerce for the locals and really is the hub of the community. By simply walking around you get an immediate impression of the importance of this place. The sense of community spirit was something I felt all across Cambodia but in the smaller, rural areas I visited, village markets always seemed to be a focal point for this.

The following recording was made whilst walking around the market late morning. There was a thriving atmosphere and this can be heard in the soundscape I captured. The occasional chopping sound that can be heard was from one of the butchers who was in the process of preparing meat for a customer. I really like this recording as I feel it captures exactly the atmosphere that I felt when I was there. Another market ambiance, but one I feel is very different from the others I have already featured.