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For the next market soundscape in the series, we head back to London, to one of my favourite markets, Borough Market. London’s oldest food market, it was established on the south bank of the Thames when the Romans built the first London Bridge and has occupied its present site for 250 years. As I have previously mentioned, I’m a massive foodie so would regularly head down to Borough Market on the weekend. What I love about the the atmosphere of the market is the characters that can be heard shouting out loud as they try to entice shoppers, and tourists alike, to buy their produce. The market is also situated directly below an overhead train line that curves it’s way into London Bridge station, adding another interesting element to the soundscape.

The following recording was taken in October 2010. What I love about this soundscape is that it really captures the atmosphere of the market – vendors shouting “2 for £1.50…come and get your raspberries” in a classic London accent, crowd walla from market-goers and trains screeching overhead.

Photo credit : Stéphane Goldstein