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I’ve already mentioned the memorable motorbike ride through the Cambodian countryside in World Sounds #021 en route to Wat Hanchey, a few kilometers outside of Kampong Cham. After getting out of the town centre, we began to drive alongside the Mekong river and were constantly greeted by waving children as they returned from school. Perhaps it’s because this area is rarely visited by Westerners and the local kids wanted to practice their English, but there was genuine joy coming from them as they waved, smiled and ran alongside us. As we progressed, we passed more and more small, riverside villages and each time we were greeted with the same warmth. At some point, we passed a house where on the roadside in front the owners were drying chilli in wicker baskets.

We decided to stop and take some photos and quickly realised that the spot we had chosen to stop at was party central! There were kids playing everywhere and inside the house, there were a large number of grown ups having a bit of a drink up and a dance! I stealthily recorded the ambiance from outside and to this day, have vivid memories of this moment. Cambodian music may bot be to everyone’s liking, but I absolutely love this song!

Disclaimer: In all honesty, this type of music would never appeal to me, but it instantly brings back fond memories of the time I spent in Cambodia.