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Back in May 2012, I spent a fantastic four day break in the North of Italy – two days in the beautiful city of Verona, one day at Sirmione on the Southern shores of Lake Garda and one day in the historic city of Mantua. Having a car meant we were free to explore places we’d otherwise not be able to get to, so we also visited many small countryside villages whilst traveling from place to place. I managed to do quite a lot of recording whilst over there and will be sharing more of these in future posts.

It was Saturday afternoon and we’d been in Verona for a few hours. After walking around the historic quarter getting a feel for the city, we decided to have a sit down in one of the main squares, Piazza Erbe. It’s quite a busy square, with a local market and many bars and restaurants that are popular with both tourists and locals alike. All of a sudden I heard someone starting to talk on a megaphone. As my ears zoned in to what was happening, I thought this was some sort of demonstration. My Italian is limited, at best, so I couldn’t understand what was being said but the way that it was being delivered was with a lot of passion, hence my initial thought that it was a demonstration. I grabbed my handheld recorder and hit record at the same time as making my way nearer to the source. It was just after I started recording that I thought this can’t be a demonstration as a second man joined in on the megaphone not with words, but with a kind of growling (about 12 seconds in). As the two men came into site, I realised that they were doing some kind of street theatre performance. Both were really into what they were doing, expressing themselves with genuine passion.

I never did find out what it was that was being performed, nor the reason for the performance, but even though I do not understand what is being said, I really appreciate the way it is being performed. Plus I find the Italian language to be beautiful. So if anyone out there understands Italian, please drop me a message and let me know what it’s about. For everyone else, try to enjoy the sonic aspect of the performance.