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The majority of my visit to Nepal, back in October 2008, was spent trekking through the Annapurna circuit in the Himalayas, during which time we witnessed the natural beauty the country has to offer. Both day and night in the mountains were extremely peaceful in terms of the soundscape. However, before we set off on the trek, we spent a few days in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu which is quite the opposite. When we first arrived, the traffic noise was really in your face and has remained an impression that I will never forget. To date, Kathmandu definitely rates as one of the noisiest cities I’ve ever visited.

The (over) use of the klaxon is somewhat different to what I’m used to here in Europe, where we are generally more conservative in our usage. Nepalese klaxons are somewhat different in tonality to those found in Europe and could be considered by some as less aggressive (there are many examples in the soundscape below). However, the constant use by all who drive creates a general cacophony.

Interesting to experience but I would never cope with that on a daily basis!