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At the beginning of Summer 2014 I spent a few days in the tiny lakeside village of Nernier. Situated on the shores of Lac Léman in the Haute-Savoie region of France, Nernier has under 500 habitants and is surrounded by a mix of woodland and farmland.

As soon as we arrived, I noticed just how present the birdsong was, particularly as I had arrived straight from my usual city soundscape of Paris. I’d forgotten just how nice it is to hear intense birdsong all day long. Having brought my recording gear with me, I decided to wake up early the next morning and record the dawn chorus.

The evening before, I had found a spot in the woodland that I thought would be suitable, but to be honest, I didn’t wake up as early as I had planned and the dawn chorus was in full swing by the time I arrived and setup. This recording was made at around 6am.

The following day, we went for a walk around the beautiful village centre. It was Sunday morning and as we approached the local church the bells started to ring announcing that day’s church service. So I grabbed my handheld recorder and captured the soundscape.

A little later on we were walking through the narrow village streets when I heard the local bird population who were in full song. There were a number of nests in one of the old buildings close by and the noise they were making was resonating very interestingly.

It was my first time visiting the Haute-Savoie region and I was really impressed by just how calm it is. A rich, diverse and well-preserved countryside with some beautiful villages. A great region to visit, a multi-sensory treat!