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Indonesia has a tropical climate with just two seasons. The dry season starts in April and lasts until October and monsoon season goes from November and March. On the contrary to how I had imagined monsoon season to be, the weather is often stunning with heavy rain usually falling in a predictable afternoon period.

In January 2010, at the end of a month spent travelling around Indonesia, we found ourselves relaxing on the beautiful Gili Islands of Lombok. The rain would usually arrive around 3 pm each day and one afternoon, from the balcony of our beachside bungalow, I sat and recorded a thunder storm as it passed overhead.

In the first recording we hear the rain at it’s heaviest, whilst the faint claps of thunder were still out at sea. As the rain eased off, the thunder storm became more audible. And with the rain having almost stopped, the distant thunder kept on rolling over the small island. The distance and the flat open sea gave the thunder a real booming effect in this recording.

Although we ideally want blue skies and sun when on a tropical island, I used to really enjoy sitting and waiting for the rain to pass over, the lush soundscape making the experience all the more refreshing.