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When I visited Beijing in 2009, one of the things on my to do list was visit a typical teahouse. During my research, one place that kept being mentioned was the Lao She Teahouse. So one evening we headed to the Qianmen district, where Lao She is located, and soaked up the atmosphere.

On arrival, we were surprised to find that in order to experience the traditional teahouse atmosphere you had to pay a pretty high priced ticket just to get in. This price did of course include a traditional show of music and dance, but as we were in the first week of a six-month trip, with a budget to respect, we decided not to go in.

However, in the entrance lobby of the building, a group of musicians were playing traditional music. So I recorded the soundscape which features a mix of music and crowd walla.

Later in our stay in China we did get to experience a more authentic teahouse experience for which there were no tourist ticket prices to be paid.