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I recently had the pleasure to visit the beautiful Belgian city of Bruges, capital of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish part of Belgium. We were based in the historic city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and spent a couple of days exploring the well-preserved medieval sites.

On the Sunday morning, we woke up early and from the garden of our gorgeous bed and breakfast I sat and listened (and recorded) the church bells of the nearby Church of Our Lady. The B&B was situated about 200 metres from the church and throughout the recording we hear birds singing in the garden, whilst distant horses hooves can also be heard as one of the local horse and carts trots by.

Bruges really was a superb city to visit, and only 2 hours by train from my home city, Paris. Together with the gorgeous autumn colours, the well-preserved history and the rich and relatively human-made noise free soundscapes, a visit to this city comes highly recommended at this time of year.