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I’ve previously mentioned on this blog that I find markets to be very rich from a sonic perspective. When travelling, local accents and dialects make the soundscape all the more interesting to foreign ears, another reason I love to record these type of soundscapes. Whilst visiting Indonesia back in 2010, I made a soundwalk recording at the local street market in the centre of Ubud, Bali.

Half of the market was predominantly aimed at tourists, where stallholders were mostly selling handcraft gifts. The other half was a local market where fruit and veg, as well as general bric-a-brac was bought and sold. And it was in this part of the market where I found the soundscape to be most interesting. Locals were conversing in regional dialects and there was a great atmosphere, whilst remaining very calm.

It’s the dialect that makes this soundscape appeal so much to me. I don’t understand what is being discussed, but the tonality of the women as they talk between each other brings me straight back to that market. It’s almost five years since I was there but just listening to that soundwalk over again takes me immediately back. And with that I have so many happy memories of my time in Indonesia.